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The SixtySeventies
feat Joshua af Saga

The band’s first album became a reality after a meeting with Joshua af Saga. These slightly older gentlemen have their roots in the 60s and were something they knew Joshua had in common with them. Especially the pop music from then. After a few nights of improvisation in the studio and rehearsal room, the question came from the band members if Joshua could think of singing some tracks on an upcoming album. No, said Joshua, not some – all of them.

So here we are with ”Once Upon A Time …” taken from the 60s boys room where the Philips gramophone batteries had to be replaced on a daily basis. ”These gentlemen are personified in the 1960s,” says Joshua af Saga. I am very proud to be involved here with The SixtySeventies on the debut album. I listened to bands like Blood Sweat & Tears as an 11-12 year young boy and were also completely sold on the Swedish pop music.

Label: Roaddust Records

 The Orchard

Release: 24th April 2020

Arranged, produced and mixed:
Bertil Broddéus & Niklas Persson

Mastered: by Uffe Börjesson at Earhear, Stockholm Sweden (earner.net)