A Song For You*
(Leon Russell)
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Blackberry Way*
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I`ll Be Home (In a Day Or So)*
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Daisy Mae*
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Cry Me A River*
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Cowboy Dreams*
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Moon Full Of Love (re-recorded version)*
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Lady Mountain High**
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Programming & Arrangements: Dille Diedricson All Guitars: Peter Nordholm
Recorded 1996 in Bohus Studio, Sweden.
Love Is All Around
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I´ll Never Cry Again*
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Joshua af Saga &
Siberian Khatru

The first single ”I’ll Be Home (in a day or so)” on Spotify and video will be released 27th March and the complete debut album ”Living In The Past” released 24th April 2020 with the Christian singer Joshua of Saga & Siberian Khatru. An artist who during the last year has been extremely productive in recording music and will therefore release two albums at the same time and a single from his upcoming 3rd album – this with Christian songs. All three projects with completely different orientations from each other. Most important he says is..”…No compulsion or need to record my music in any particular genre without the joy of being able to record exactly what I want when I want”

Label: Roaddust Records


Release: April 2020

Arranged, produced and mixed:
Stefan Kardebratt* / Dille Diedricson** / Bertil Broddéus & Niklas Persson

Mastered: by Uffe Börjesson at Earhear, Stockholm Sweden (earhear.net)

Artist saying….
-So privileged to be able to work with all these incredibly competent musicians, organizers and producers when creating this, my first soloalbum (with my band Siberian Khatru). From all over Europe you have given me tremendous energy to create, dream and recording this music. 
All love and respect to my producers, multi-musicians and friends Stefan Kardebratt and Bertil Broddéus (God leads us – believe you now). So much joy, rebuke and development of the songs you gave me in these pieces of music has been a wonderful journey. In addition, an incredible hospitality at your great studios and family houses. Uffe Börjesson at Earhear for great ears mastered the album. Others who have give me tremendous inspiration both during the recordings and through the years are guitarist Magnus Karlsson (you are the best), Walter Seyffer, Berndt Unger, Ton Scherpenzeel, Fidde Rognås (love your guitarplaying since 1974 and thanks for performing on ”I´ll Be Home” video) and our rock mates from ”the good old days”, Thomas Ryan (UK), Kurt Kästner (A) and Jan Destner (R.I.P man), Niklas Persson (great work with final mixes of Bertil Broddéus arrangements), Charlotte Dravengård och Ida Rosin (backing vocals), Henna Henderson (UK), Mary Jane Jones (UK), ”I am no-one” Anderson (UK) for awesome technical knowledge, Mikael Karlsson (horns), Trevor Burton (US) for guiding me when bought guitars, Kjetil Granli for great help when getting my percussions almost completed – very much appreciated, Per Burström at Crafton Music (Swe) for amazing service, Dille Diedricson (wherever you are –  R.I.P), Tony Prior at Claude Hopper Productions (UK) who treated me so well during mid 80´s when I was based in London for three years and we created some great concerts – will never forget that. Wishing you a comfortable pension. Richard Harvey (thanks for inviting me to your panflute concert in London -83, now I know why they say you’re best in the world – it totally change my musical life and I had so much fun touring with London Symphony Orchestra when you conducted)…and finally thanks to all of you musicians involved in my band ”Siberian Khatru” – we’ve just started the journey – I’m so proud of you.
To my best friend on earth, my dear wife Maritta (over the past 40 years), I humbly thank you for all warm love, happiness and support over the years and dedicated ”A Song For You” on the album to you, Lisa Kardebratt for good food and friendship during visits and during the recordings. Johnny Ljungberg you always have listened and believed and being a true friend), Joakim Jalin at Jalin Films – I couldn’t do anything without having your knowledge making my websites, videos and promo material. A good friend since many many years, Johnny Hansson for your big heart, care and friendship – a pity that you didn’t have time to play drums more, Peppe Maier at HPM Entertainment, you’re the best and we’ve had so much fun. Henrik Uhlin because you are who you are – wonderful friend and one of the best musicians I know, miss you a lot. Why did you move so far away?. Ulf Esborn because you inspire me and look so bright on everything. Moreover, such a perfect musician and friendly person. Proud to work with you and being your friend. Thanks to Bert K (Belgium) for all the legal help with rights, agreements and guidance over the last 30 years – feel safe with a such friend and mentor with such knowledge. You are the lawyer of the lawyers. Love to Mrs K as well. ”Merlin” (my magic friend – I knew you through my entire life and no-one – except for my wife – knows me better than you), Andy Solveström for being such a dear friend through the years – knowing you is just a lots of fun and thanks for performing on ”I´ll Be Home” video. Fanny Hansson and Moa Engström for the performing on the ”Från Ovan” video, Jan-Arvid Hellström, Bishop in Växjö for your guidance in my early years and got me to study in high school for priests only 19 years old. This I have brought with me through all the years even though I did not finish it. R.I.P sir. Bernhard Olsén, my mentor for over 40 years, miss you so much – R.I.P The Orchard (US & Sweden) teams with Ebba Guhnby (taking so good care of us) and Jenny Ericsson (you’re the best – so professional) for believing in me and Roaddust Records…and finally tons of love to the wonderful The Kartanos Family at Armeno Beach Hotel (heaven on earth) in Perigiálion, Greece. I’m so proud to be called your friend and family – you mean more to me and my wife that you will ever know. See you soon.
…always in my life – Mother Mary (90 years old and still going strong), my lovely children and grandchildren.

The album is dedicated to my father Tage (1923 – 1992) who always inspired and supported me in my music and sport career and one of my mentors in life always saying – talk to and treat people with respect and be honest – then you sleep good at night. Daddy – done what you said and you were right, miss you so much.