(Amber Rough)


He has toured and played hard rock for almost 50 years but has also been diligent in playing acoustically in several places. Finding some new paths in his composing so late in his career turned out to be a fun journey. From having written music and used english lyrics, it is now certainly both but – as a start – in Swedish. There´s always a line in his lyrics about seriousness, about being rejected and about what is right and wrong – but in a mixture with a twinkle in his eye without harsh pointers. Ladies and gentlemen – we welcome ”AmberRough” to Roaddust Records and hopefully many great releases ahead. The debut – it’s called ”Ensam”

Label: Roaddust Records
Distribution: The Orchard (US)

Released: 5th June 2021 
Arranged, Produced & Mixed: AmberRough

Cover Artwork: Joakim Jalin at Jalin Film AB